They are very well constructed, designed and adapted to the harsh environment that they are exposed to.


My name is Per Ivermark and I live in Säffle. Today I have a HYPRO 755 and I have previously had a HYPRO 450 XL. They were bought in 2007 and 2002 respectively. I chose HYPRO for a lot of reasons, for instance:

  • The machines seemed, at first glance, to be well built with structures that were well thought out and stable.
  • The hydraulics components were of a high quality, with well-known brands which were well designed.
  • The electronics seemed to be of high quality and well thought out; adapted for tough conditions. It was besides that specially adapted for the machines. The adaptation to Valtra, that I was particularly interested in, seemed well thought out, as well as the installation of the wiring and hydraulics.
  • The documentation, manuals, maintenance instructions and wiring diagrams inspired confidence.
  • The company seemed credible with extremely enthusiastic and competent management and staff.
  • HYPRO had an extensive reference list and they produced long series without having to make changes.
  • The company seemed stable; aiming towards the future. I think it’s important that the company and its products will still around in the future; when you consider the parts and service.

I have 75 hectares of forest and I want to do everything there myself; from soil preparation, planting, clearing, thinning to final felling. A harvester is not economically viable for my needs. A tractor-mounted processor seemed reasonable for me. I decided to go for a HYPRO 450 XL mounted on a Valtra 700. It would be capable of thinning in the 40 year old spruce forest cut by steep ravines. It worked perfectly. Winching was simple, since all the controls were done from the ground behind the machine. The strip roads could be kept to a 50 m distance in between. The 450 XL worked perfectly, with no problems thinning.

To be able to manage the final felling as well, I switched to a HYPRO 755 mounted on a Valtra 6250 with TwinTrac. This has a winch too, which I use extensively in difficult terrain (steep, rocky, poor bearing capacity) or wedged-in trees. Under normal terrain conditions, I cut in daylight, and then I can process these from the comfort of my tractor seat during the dark part of the day too. I cut and delimb logs thicker than 45 cm with the chainsaw likewise crooked and awkward forks. For thinning I do 50 meters between the strip roads and fell the trees all the way at the back with their top end towards the strip road. If the crane doesn’t reach, I winch the tree over. The 755 has worked perfectly too and still does works great. No mechanical fatigue damage or other abnormal wear damage has shown up.

HYPRO did a complete assembly on the tractor at the factory. This was very well done with neat, professionally executed electrics wiring and hydraulics hoses and the installation of all components, relay box, joystick, hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank, front weights, etc. It was also trimmed and ready and was set straight into production after being delivered. Both machines lived well up to my expectations.

I very much appreciate the efficient spare parts service. For telephone orders straight from the forest, I usually got the parts the next day. There are article numbers on all the parts, which guarantees proper delivery. The telephone support works perfectly too, since I’m always greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff. I have no experience of warranty issues; there haven’t been any.

I have great confidence in the company of HYPRO and its products and I can see myself upgrading to a possible successor to the 755.

Both the 450 XL and the 755 are very robust, hard-wearing and durable and have top level functionality. They are very well constructed, designed and adapted to the harsh environment that they are exposed to. The designers have been very knowledgeable in the matter of felling and the problems that can arise around those circumstances and they have also recognised possibilities and customised the machines accordingly.

I can warmly recommend active forest owners and also entrepreneurs to invest in HYPRO machinery for the following reasons:

  • High quality.
  • Well-made, durable and hard-wearing machines.
  • High quality hydraulics and electronics.
  • Well thought-out functionality.
  • High level of spare part availability and fast delivery.
  • Well established and highly competent company.
Per Ivermark, Säffle (Sweden)

HYPRO 755 & HYPRO 450 XL

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Per Ivermark