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Holiday information

HYPRO's office and workshop are closed for summer vacation from the 10th of July until the 7th of August.
For technical enquiries during this period, please see our website under the contact section for contact information for our technical on-call.
We wish you all a really nice summer.

HYPRO exhibits at SkogsNolia on 15–17 June

Don't miss the biggest forest fair in Norrland, Sweden! We take with us a large assortment of our processor models as well as the FG50FA felling grapple.

The NEW processor model HYPRO 300VB, designed to fit both in a forwarder trailer and in a regular harvester trailer, is also included for display.

This processor will suit a great many forest owners and contractors who work particularly with first thinnings and up to Ø30 centimetres.

You are warmly welcome to visit our stand number 1050.

For more information, visit the SkogsNolia website.

Södra's forest day in Vedema on May 13

Welcome to HYPRO's demo drive at Södra's forest day in Vedema, Sweden on May 13!

Södra promises a packed range along a 3 kilometer long loop that is easy to walk even with a pram.

There will also be activities for the children and opportunity to buy food on site.

HYPRO is running a demo with HYPRO 755 HB and HYPRO 300 in spruce thinning.

If you are curious to see the machines live, don't miss this opportunity!

Read more here

HYPRO will be exhibiting at the Emmaboda Skog & Traktor fair on 5–6 May!

Don't miss this spring fair in Småland, Sweden, where we will bring many of our processor models and the latest FG50FA felling grapple.

In addition, we will show our NEW processor model HYPRO 300VB for the first time – designed to fit even on a small forwarder trailer! We believe this processor will suit many forest owners and contractors who work particularly with thinning and up to Ø 30 centimetres.

At the Forest & Tractor fair in Emmaboda you will see it first!

Read more on Skog & Traktor's homepage here

The new, requested "Drive" option is here!

With the new, frequently requested option "Drive" for the wheel carried processor HYPRO 755 HB, driving in steep uphill is no longer a challenge! The new solution consists of two different options (G-Drive and Hub-Drive) and is as simple as it is genius!

Forest owner and contractor Ronny Johansson is one of HYPRO's customers that has been using the G-Drive for some time now and he claims the difference is big: "When driving into a large stone without the G-Drive, it could be like hitting a wall if not careful. With the G-Drive, the wheel climbs up on, and over the stone very easily. It takes very little driving force to make a difference as required. The G-Drive was exactly what was needed for my terrain. Simple, reliable and efficient!"

Click here to read more on Forestry.com

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