HYPRO 765 Tractor Processor – for delimbing and debarking eucalyptus

HYPRO 765 is a delimbing and debarking tractor processor with crane. It is mounted on the three-point-linkage of a tractor. The crane has a total reach of 7 meters and both the crane and the processor have a remarkable working radius of 280°, which allows felling on both sides. The lateral movement provide generous adjustment to suit the direction of the fallen tree and allow distances of up to 3,3 meters between the timber stacks. HYPRO 765 is suitable for both thinning operations and for final cutting since it can process tree dimensions from 5 cm up to 45 cm in diameter.
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HYPRO 765 Tractor Processor

HYPRO 765 delivers a very high feeding force to the feeder wheels. The machine has a total of four feeder wheels, two horizontal and two vertical, all four wheels are feeding the log. Due to the positioning and feeding direction of the feeder wheels the stem is debarked as it is fed through the machine. The powerful hydraulic system of the machine provides great output for feeding, debarking, delimbing and cutting. This is a machine built to handle the heavier trees.

The HYPRO 765 has its own hydraulic system with pump and tank which is mounted on the front of the tractor. The hydraulic system is load sensing and variable, this provides the perfect level of speed, smoothness and strength as needed. (The HYPRO 765 is also available for tractors with already built-in variable hydraulic system, if it has the necessary flow and pressure.)

The machine is operated by a two-lever Canbus system with mini joysticks. Both crane and processor is operated with the same joysticks and you choose which one to operate by simply pressing a button. The joysticks are ergonomically designed for everyday usage with comfortable grip and handling and are made to be fitted on the armrests in the tractor.

HYPRO 765 is also available as a wheel carried processor. This makes it possible to use a smaller tractor since the extra weight on the tractor only is around 200kg and the minimum requirement for 765 Wheel Carried is 70 horse powers. Click here for more information about HYPRO 765 Wheel Carried. HYPRO 765 is also available with ordinary non-debarking feeder wheels.

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Technical data, processor

Weight incl. hydr. oil1800 kg
Width when folded away:2 m
Feed rate:> 3.5 m/sec
Tilt angle:65°
Crane length:7 m
Crane slewing radius:280°
Min. tractor output:80 hp
Min. diameter:5 cm
Max. delimbing diameter:40 cm
Max. diameter:45 cm
Winch traction force:2 tons
Winch rope length:50 m
Hydraulic system, variable, load-sensing:74 cc
Hydraulic pressure:250 bar
Hydraulic flow, recommended:max 150 l/min
Tank capacity:130 l
Engine speed:1500-2000 r/min

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