HYPRO 755 HB Wheel-mounted tractor processor

HYPRO 755 HB wheel-mounted tractor processor enables more forest operators to own and use a very powerful and competitive harvesting machine. The processor connects very simply to the tractor using the same principle as a forest trailer, and handles trees from 3 centimetres all the way up to 50 centimetres in diameter. The trees are fed in with the 7.5 metre long crane or using the powerful, 2,000 kg radio-controlled winch with 50 metres of wire.
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HYPRO 755 HB Wheel-mounted tractor processor

The HYPRO 755 HB is supplied complete with its own variable load sensing (LS) hydraulic system and has a wide angle PTO-shaft. Pump and tank are mounted on the processor and normally only adds about 200 kg to the tractor’s hitch. This makes the processor practical even for small, lighter tractors, as well as very simple to connect and disconnect when changing equipment – which normally only takes a few minutes.

The machine is versatile and easy to manoeuvre with powerful articulated steering and hydraulic folding support legs for high stability when necessary, such as winching large trees, processing on sloping ground or when felling with a felling grapple. The processor has a 280° slewing radius and lateral movement, as well as +/- 25° articulated steering with double cylinder which makes it easy to adapt to the tree’s felling direction and provides a distance between piles of timber of up to 3.3 metres. The articulated steering’s fixing lugs are located close to the wheel axle girder’s attachment. This provides a very high level of manoeuvrability, with the articulated steering used when reversing and the tractor then simply following smoothly behind.

HYPRO 755 HB is supplied equipped with HYPRO+1 control system, which is HYPRO’s third generation Canbus-system with 2-lever electro-hydraulic control (EHC). The system has pre-sets for up to three different operators, enabling a range of settings to be stored for each operator in relation to crane- and processor control. For example, the driver can change the joysticks’ hysteresis curves, ramp times, MIN/MAX speeds, balance and invert (turn) the direction for all crane functions etc. All to be able to very simply and clearly set the machine’s functions according to the driver’s different needs and wishes.

MD430-DA Measuring system is a part of the HYPRO+1 control system and has both length- and diameter measurement, as well as automatic functions for processing and logging with smart control via the processor’s assortment list and CAN. The operator can select to process the log manually via joystick movements, via pre-set length selections or via fully automatic mode where the measuring computer itself selects length to cut according to the diameter of the trunk and the pre-set assortment list that the operator can set up. The measuring computer has an LCD colour monitor with large white numbers that are easy to read even in strong sunlight and a wide viewing angle. Photocells automatically start and reset the measurement cycle, while a separate measuring wheel with a pulse encoder sends signals to the measuring computer. MD430-DA saves log data for potential print out via USB, and also displays selected pre-set length/length suggestions during operation depending on the diameter of the trunk and the assortment list that can be set by the operator. The automatic cross-cutting system substantially increases the machine’s capacity and is easy to learn how to handle as a new user.

If required, selection of tree species takes place by means of a simple press on the respective joystick button for spruce, pine, hardwood or misc. 1 and 2. Log data is registered automatically with each cut and is saved in the measurement list in the measuring computer. The measuring computer logs volume and number of pieces cut for Sawlog large, Sawlog small, Sawlog short and Pulp for several different assortments. The unit also has inbuilt cable troubleshooting, calibration of length and diameter measurement, as well as a set notification interval for servicing the machine. Computer program and cables to connect the measuring computer and save log data to a PC are included.

It is also possible to equip HYPRO 755 HB with drive for even better accessibility in terrain that is steep, stony, muddy, snowy or difficult to access in other ways. The drive is offered in two different variants according to the power requirement. ”G-drive” is an auxiliary drive of the roller drive type via the wheel hub so that chains can still be used if needed. G-Drive is intended for intermittent use to gain better accessibility. The more powerful drive option – ”Hub-Drive” – is of the hub motor drive type where the option is available for strong and constant drive. Hub-Drive is primarily selected where there are very difficult ground terrain condition or large amounts of snow.

With a HYPRO 755 HB wheel-mounted tractor processor, you obtain a highly effective harvesting machine with low operating and maintenance costs, simple servicing and high resale value. All this together with low ground pressure, high ground clearance (50 centimetres) and tracking articulated steering provides an easily manoeuvred, gentle and simultaneously highly effective harvesting machine.

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Technical data

Weight incl. hydr. oil:2950 kg
Width when folded away:2.48 / 2.67 m
Length:3.6 m
Ground clearance:50 / 55 cm
Hydraulic steering:Yes
Cylinders for steering:2 pcs
Steering ability:+/-25°
Feed rate:>3.5 m/sec
Tilt angle:65°
Crane length:7.5 m
Crane slewing radius:360°
Min. tractor output:70 hp
Min. diameter:3 cm
Max. diameter:50 cm
Max. delimbing diameter:40 cm
Winch traction force:2 tons
Winch rope length:50 m
Hydraulic system, variable, load-sensing:74 cc
Hydraulic pressure:250 bar
Hydraulic flow:Max. 150 l/min
Tank capacity:150 l
PTO speed:400–540 r/min

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