HYPRO 300 Thinning Processor

The HYPRO 300 is a rational, versatile thinning processor carried on three-point linkage which, despite its small size and low weight (about 800 kilos), performs rapidly and effectively. HYPRO 300 has its own hydraulic system with the pump unit mounted directly on the tractor’s PTO-shaft, producing lower weight and a more compact installation. The machine has a load sensing valve, which delivers smoother handling and options for flow control without the use of throttle functions. HYPRO 300 operates with three feeder wheels, which produces very high feed power for its size.
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HYPRO 300 Thinning Processor

The machine does a superb job in all types of thinning, with dimensions up to 30 centimetres in diameter. The machine has a high-velocity cutting saw, always cutting through fast and without splitting the wood.

HYPRO 300 has a powerful, integrated hydraulically operated winch, with an easily adjustable winch speed and a traction of 1,500 kilos, with both in and out feed operated by radio control. The winch is always braked when stopped. The winch can also be operated proportionally (variable speed) by means of a hand lever on the actuator valve for simpler handling of the trunk close to the machine. HYPRO 300’s design means that the tree is guided automatically to the right working position in the machine after winching. The operator closes knives and feed wheel around the trunk and then follows the trunk’s direction with tilt and swivel to enable the tree to be processed rapidly and effectively.

The processor has manually adjustable support legs with three different height positions for optimum ergonomic conditions for the operator. The machine’s control table is positioned at comfortable working height and has easily manoeuvrable hand levers, where it is possible to individually adjust the speed in both directions for all functions.

The measuring system’s display MD430 has a colour screen, is well-positioned, tiltable and easy to read with large white numbers that are highly visible even in direct sunlight and a wide viewing angle. The measuring computer has length measurement as standard, clear display of hydraulic oil level and oil temperature – as well as diameter measurement as an optional extra, which functions via a sensor in the cylinder for the delimbing knives.

The HYPRO 300 thinning processor is a very popular machine as it substantially relieves the user of the manual work required in the forest in that it performs both delimbing and stacking fully mechanically. The machine is very economic thanks to its high efficiency, low purchase price, high resale value and very low maintenance costs. The internal hydraulic system’s gearbox delivers lower engine speed, which contributes to a better work environment for the user and reduced diesel consumption.

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Technical data

Weight incl. oilc:a 800 kg
Feed rate:>3 m/sec
Tilt angle:40°
Min. tractor output:50 hp
Min. diameter:3 cm
Max. diameter:30 cm
Winch traction force:1.5 tons
Winch rope length:35 m
Hydraulic pressure:210 bar
Hydraulic flow:90 l/min
Oil capacity:90 l
Length:1.65 m
Width:1.60 m
PTO speed:400–450 r/min

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