How is this possible! A roll-fed machine shouldn't be able to do this.


My name is Ronnie Johansson and I live in Bodafors in Nässjö county. I bought my HYPRO 450 LS 2007, sold it in the spring of 2010, and these days I have a HYPRO 450 XL with 6 –meter crane and high/low speed. If you want a roll-fed machine, there is no other one in its class as I see it. Then HYPRO's been around for years so there shouldn’t be any "teething problems" left.

Since I had a stroke-fed machine (Niab) before it was the capacity above all that I wanted to get at. It turned out that it exceeded all expectations; I produced about 80 % more timber in the same amount of time. That the machine was even stronger than the Niab was a bonus of course.

I have fairly big thinning requirements, about 3000 m³ in the next few years, and I want to do the work myself. Most of it is the first thinning (39 hectares), exclusively coniferous. We have fairly flat terrain so the farm tractor works great.

The first impression was: How is this possible! A roll-fed machine shouldn't be able to do this. It took a while to get used to how little delimbing that was required. The double waist was revolutionary; the timber came out "past" the road instead of on it, why felling was made much easier. The capacity was about 80 % more. The machine lived up to my expectations and more without a doubt, the winch for instance, it impresses me still.

When it comes to questions of service, spare parts, etc., these statements come to mind: Excellent! Expertise, speed, and a friendly approach make being a HYPRO owner smooth. HYPRO has always been at the forefront, and it’s clearly evident that they put quality first. It costs a little bit more, but you get it back, because it works. I am very satisfied with my machine as you can imagine.

If you want a machine that you can rely on in all weathers, then HYPRO is the obvious choice.

Ronnie Johansson, Hattsjöhult (Sweden)

HYPRO 450 XL, 755HB, FG45 & HV14

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Ronnie Johansson