HYPRO FG50FA Felling Grapple/Energy Felling Grapple

The HYPRO FG50FA felling grapple was developed for minimum hose installation, low weight and unmatched flexibility. Innovative design where the felling grapple is fed with just two hoses and is fully controlled via the ”open grapple” and ”close grapple” functions, enabling free rotation despite the cutting saw’s high oil flow. The felling grapple cuts extremely effectively and can in principle be mounted on all cranes with rotators – for example, lorries, forest trailers, forwarders and excavators.
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HYPRO FG50FA Felling Grapple

The felling grapple can be used to fell, cut, load and unload trees, branches and brushwood in forests, along roads, powerline corridors, and in park and urban environments. FG50FA is supplied as standard in the energy grapple version. It is then equipped with open grapple fingers (brush/energy wood grapple), 10cc saw motor and 59 centimetre saw bar, which can cut up to Ø50 centimetres. It can also be equipped with a special, 54 centimetre long saw bar (energy bar) to enable cutting of everything from shrubbery all the way up to large 45 centimetre cuts with more control of the chain’s tension when clearing brush.

A feature of HYPRO FG50FA is its fully hydraulic construction, with auto-function for tilt and cut via the command for ”open grapple” and ”close grapple” – in other words, no additional control system is required to manoeuvre the felling grapple. A hydraulic shuttle valve changes the grapple functions from cutting to tilting after a delay. This removes the need for more valve sections for activation of cut and tilt, but nevertheless retains a high cutting effect. The delay in the change of function is adjustable to approx. 0–4 seconds. A somewhat longer delay facilitates whether the grapple shall also be used to load and unload whatever has been felled. Both cut and tilt up function are interrupted when the machine operator releases the command in the joystick. Together with the felling grapple’s flexibility and hydraulic tilt joint, this makes it possible to simply access the tree’s trunk or branches at the right felling angle.

The grapple’s hydraulic valve section needs to be equipped with open centre (motor slide), but if this is not possible, a simple external ”return bypass kit” can be ordered together with the felling grapple. As a supplement, a cable- or radio-controlled tilt-lock can be used for full control of both load and tilt angle. Without the tilt lock, the upwardly tilted position returns to flexible floating position on completion of the cutting sequence, and then tilts downward together with the cut log.

The strength in the model lies in its proven robust construction, retaining low weight and simple connection and disconnection. Technical innovation has produced high efficiency in an easy-to use product, rapidly streamlining the work as well as enhancing ergonomics and safety for the user in the felling operation.

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Technical data
Metric Imperial
Max. cutting diameter: 50 cm 19.7 in
Tilt angle: 100° 100°
Weight including tilting joint: 193 kg 425 lbs
Hydraulic saw motor: 10 cm³/revolution // 5 cm³/revolution .0026 gal/rev // .0013 gal/rev
Min. oil pressure: 190 bar 2756 psi
Max. oil pressure: 250 bar 3626 psi
Min. required oil flow: 40 l/min 10.6 gpm
Max. required oil flow: 90 l/min 23.8 gpm
Extra hydraulic lines: 0 0
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