HYPRO Felling Grapples


HYPRO FG50FA Felling Grapple

The HYPRO FG50FA felling grapple cuts extremely effectively and can in principle be mounted on all cranes with rotators – for example, lorries, forest trailers, forwarders and excavators.

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HYPRO FG50EC Felling Grapple

The HYPRO FG50EC felling grapple was developed for minimum hose installation, low weight and full control over the felling grapple’s different functions. The felling grapple is fed by two hoses where each function (grab, tilt and cutting saw) is fully controlled via the commands ”open grapple” or ”lose grapple”.

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HYPRO FG45 Felling Grapple

The HYPRO FG45 felling grapple is ideal for use in the handling of both standing and felled trees. The felling grapple fells standing timber of normal height with a maximum diameter at breast height of up to 30–35 cm, and in favourable conditions has cutting capacity for trees with enlarged roots as well as stunted trees of as much as 50 cm in diameter.

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