HYPRO Eucalyptus


HYPRO 765 Tractor Processor

HYPRO 765 is a delimbing and debarking Eucalyptus tractor processor with crane. It is mounted on the three-point-linkage of a tractor. The crane has a total reach of 7 meters and both the crane and the processor have a remarkable working radius of 280°, which allows felling on both sides.

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HYPRO 765 HB Tractor Processor

HYPRO 765 Wheel Carried is a debarking Eucalyptus processor with a 7,5 meter crane. The processor has its own hydraulic system with pump and tank fitted on the processor, making connecting and disconnecting a fast and simple task.

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HYPRO Apteringsautomatik

HYPRO Equipment

HYPRO has its own specially designed length measuring equipment developed to maintain the highest standards of reliability and durability in a tough working environment. HYPRO’s processors are equipped with professional digital radio equipment as standard.

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