HYPRO 755 VB Trailer-mounted Tractor processor

HYPRO 755 VB is a free-standing, trailer-mounted HYPRO 755 – with no crane, winch, pump or tank. It has been produced for use on a forest trailer as the carrying unit for the processor, with lower ground pressure and lower purchase price as a result. HYPRO 755 VB is a robust tractor processor with a working radius of fully 280°, in other words, processing from both sides of the trailer. The machine is controlled by HYPRO+1, which is HYPRO’s third generation Canbus-system with 2-lever electro-hydraulic control (EHC).
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HYPRO 755 VB Trailer-mounted Tractor processor

As HYPRO+1 functions for most brands of valve on the market, for example, for both Danfoss valves and valves with Thomas magnets (such as Parker, Hydrocontrol, Walvoil etc.), it is possible to simply add box and cabling for control of electrically controlled crane valves and run the entire rig with the HYPRO+1 control system. This reduces the number of levers installed in the cab. A simple push of a button then selects between trailer/crane or processor and both are therefore manoeuvred with the same levers.

The HYPRO 755 VB is suitable for both thinnings and final felling with dimensions from 3 centimetres up to 45 centimetres. In principle, the processor is simple to mount directly on any forest trailer and the trailer’s or the tractor’s own hydraulic system is then used for the processor, as long there is sufficient hydraulic pressure and flow to drive the processor. A trailer with wheel drive generally has sufficient flow to be able to power a 755 VB as well, however, where the hydraulic capacity is not sufficient, the processor can be easily supplemented with a hydraulic system from HYPRO, for example, a load sensing pump and tank mounted on the front of the tractor. The hydraulic system that is to be used to power the machine can be both a closed variable load sensing (LS) or open hydraulic system. However, a load sensing system usually delivers lower fuel consumption together with increased speed, flexibility and feed power in the machine.

The large slewing radius and lateral movement of the processor makes it easy to adapt to the tree’s felling direction and provides a substantial distance between piles of timber of up to 3.3 metres, well outside the trailer’s wheel tracks. A HYPRO 755 VB is simple to fit on and take off using the trailer’s own crane. The machine has three lifting lugs for lifting straps or chains, making the lifting operation very simple and efficient. The machine is supplied with a square frame chassis and adapted by the user to the existing trailer or forwarder’s frame. For example, it is often attached to the loading bunk sleeves or by means of a bracket mount and bolts. To remove, the entire processor is lifted with the trailer’s crane and placed directly on the ground. Naturally, all hoses and cables have quick-release couplings and the processor is equipped with a pressure filter with replaceable fibre cartridge and a very high degree of cleanliness.

Do you have a forwarder or a forest trailer with tractor and reversible driver’s seat? Supplementing them with a HYPRO 755 VB processor will give you an effective and highly competitive harvester! Contact us for further information about how a HYPRO 755 VB could facilitate and streamline your forestry work.

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Technical data

Weight incl. valve:1045 kg
Width when folded away:1.9 m
Feed rate:>3.5 m/sec
Tilt angle:65°
Working radius:280°
Min. tractor power:70 hp
Min. diameter:3 cm
Max. diameter:50 cm
Max. delimbing diameter:40 cm
Oil pressure:Min. 210–max. 250 bar
Min. required oil flow:100 l/min
Max. required oil flow:150 l/min

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