HYPRO Tractor Processors

HYPRO Tractor Processors

– The fastest and most effective tractor processors on the market. A range of machines designed to appeal equally to contractors as to self-employed forest owners. HYPRO machines combine kindness to the nature and environment with high capacity and reliability.

See below for a brief description of each model. From here, read more information on the specific model or models that suit just your needs.

HYPRO 755 Tractor Processor

A fully equipped tractor processor with a 7 metre long crane and 360° crane slew radius with 280° slew, which is to say, working from both sides. The Hypro 755 is operated from the cab and can handle trunk diameters from 5 cm up to 45 cm with a processing speed of >3.5m/sec.
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HYPRO 755 HB Tractor Processor

The wheel carried 755 only adds 200 kg to the tractor hitch. This makes it very suitable for use with lighter tractors. Nimble and easily manoeuvred with articulated steering, this processor is very suitable for use on sensitive terrain since the weight is spread over several wheels. It is driven by the power take-off via a wide angle shaft, and the pump and tank are both mounted on the machine.
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HYPRO 755 VB Tractor Processor

The HYPRO 755 VB is the latest processor from HYPRO – a trailer-mounted HYPRO 755 without crane, winch, pump or tank. The processor is simply mounted directly on your forest trailer and uses the hydraulic system of the trailer to operate. Easy to connect and disconnect.
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HYPRO 450 XL Tractor Processor

This is a versatile, tough, uncomplicated and easily manoeuvred tractor processor - a very popular all-round machine that handles lighter final felling just as well as first thinning. HYPRO 450 XL has a High and Low speed function that enables a very high feeding rate (> 5 m/sec.) while processing slender trunks.
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HYPRO 300 Thinning Processor

This thinning processor without crane is economically beneficial due to its high effectiveness, low purchase price and very low maintenance costs. Its three driven feeder wheels mean a big increase in feeding force. The machine is ideal for all types of thinning on diameters between 3 cm and 30 cm.
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