HYPRO 755 VB Trailer Carried Tractor Processor

The HYPRO 755 VB is the latest processor from HYPRO – a trailer-mounted HYPRO 755 without a crane, winch, pump or tank. It was produced on the back of requests from a number of customers, which informed that because they already had a carrier unit in the form of a forest trailer with a crane, they wanted to have the opportunity to fit a processor directly on the unit, resulting in a lower ground pressure and a lower purchase cost. The HYPRO 755 VB is a robust tractor processor with a working radius of full 280°. In other words, you can process from both sides of the trailer. The machine is controlled by a HYPRO 2-lever electrohydraulic control (EHC) Canbus and, using a simple button push, you can switch between trailer/crane and processor, allowing you to control both using the same levers. HYPRO's new Canbus unit works with both Danfoss and Parker valves. The HYPRO 755 VB is suitable for both thinning and clear-cutting, with stem dimensions from 5 cm up to 45 cm.

In principle, the processor can be fitted directly on any make of forest trailer on the market. Providing sufficient oil pressure and flow are available, the processor can be powered by the trailer's own hydraulic system. A trailer with wheel drive normally provides sufficient flow to drive a 755 VB, but in instances where the hydraulic system has inadequate capacity to do this, you can simply supplement the processor by fitting a HYPRO pump and tank to the front of the tractor. The hydraulic system used to operate the machine can be either load-sensing or an open circulation-pumping system. However, if a load-sensing system is used, the machine will usually operate at a higher speed, with increased smoothness and strength.

The 280° swing radius and lateral displacement makes adapting the machine to the direction of tree felling very easy and provides a good distance between timber piles of up to 3.3 m, well outside the trailer's wheel tracks.

The HYPRO 755 VB is easy to fit using the trailer's own crane. The machine has three lifting lugs to accommodate lifting straps or chains, making the lifting process smooth and simple. It is attached to the trailer's load banks, using a brace attachment with bolts. To remove, the entire processor is lifted away using the trailer's crane and then simply placed directly on the ground. Naturally, all hoses and cables are equipped with quick-release couplings.

Do you have a forest trailer and tractor with a reversible cab? – Supplement it with a HYPRO 755 VB processor and you will have an efficient and highly competitive processing machine. Contact us for more information about how a HYPRO 755 VB can facilitate and streamline your forest work.

Technical data, HYPRO 755 VB Tractor Processor

Weight incl. valve:1045 kg
Width when folded away:1.9 m
Feed rate:>3.5 m/sec
Tilt angle:65°
Working radius:280°
Min. tractor power:70 hp
Min. diameter:3 cm
Max. diameter:50 cm
Max. delimbing diameter:40 cm
Oil pressure:Min. 210–max. 250 bar
Min. required oil flow:100 l/min
Max. required oil flow:150 l/min