Summer greetings from HYPRO

HYPRO's office and workshop are closed for summer holidays from July 18 to August 7. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a really nice summer!

HYPRO organized well-attended demo days

During the afternoons of the 3rd and 4th of June, HYPRO opened up for a visit to a dense spruce forest east of Vaggeryd. The event took place in the afternoons until the evening so that visitors could take the opportunity to both visit ElmiaWood and see HYPRO's machines live after the trade fair visit. It was an appreciated event where HYPRO showed off its entire wide range of processors with the models HYPRO 300, 450 XL, 755VB, 755HB, FG45 Felling grapple and HYPRO HV14 Forwarder trailer. As many as five of the models were demonstrated on site.

– We wanted to create a forum where both new and interested customers as well as experienced HYPRO-users could come and take time to talk with each other and with our skilled drivers about thinning setups and driving techniques. It is a common request to see HYPRO's processors in very dense thinning-age forests and these situations are challenging to record on video without having branches and tree trunks covering the entire frame. For that reason, we simply chose to invite people to this arrangement where you could see the forest yourself from any angle you like, says Linus Bergman, salesman of HYPRO.

– It was also appreciated to see several running machines in one place so that you could both get a good idea of the differences between the products and also to see how little wear a HYPRO has after several years of use. This is an advantage we have in our product range that makes our customers feel safe in their investment – they can service and perform the simple maintenance of the machine themselves without any advanced technical expertise.

HYPRO also took the opportunity to show a new product – namely the optional "automatic fitting" on the HYPRO 450 XL models. The mechanical levers for feeding and cutting saw are replaced with an EHC-joystick from Danfoss. With the aid of this joystick together with a new application in the measuring computer and control box, the operator can get the machine de-twig and feed to the right length – either via fixed length presets or simply via the diameter of the trunk and the entered length parameters set by the customer. If operated via the diameter, you rely on the machine's fitting decision where it itself follows the fitting list and quickly decides whether it is possible to cut a log or whether it should change the range to block, small timber or pulpwood. The operator then activates the cutting saw himself inside the cutting window with a simple push of a button on the joystick and the machine starts feeding to the next range selection as soon as the cutting value has returned to its position in the saw housing.

It is noticeable that there is a great interest in increasing productivity even more and getting help with the range choices via the processor's modern technology as close to half of the HYPRO 450 XL that are now on order are ordered with the automatic fitting, Linus Bergman concludes.

The new, requested "Drive" option is here!

With the new, frequently requested option "Drive" for the wheel carried processor HYPRO 755 HB, driving in steep uphill is no longer a challenge! The new solution consists of two different options (G-Drive and Hub-Drive) and is as simple as it is genius!

Forest owner and contractor Ronny Johansson is one of HYPRO's customers that has been using the G-Drive for some time now and he claims the difference is big: "When driving into a large stone without the G-Drive, it could be like hitting a wall if not careful. With the G-Drive, the wheel climbs up on, and over the stone very easily. It takes very little driving force to make a difference as required. The G-Drive was exactly what was needed for my terrain. Simple, reliable and efficient!"

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