HYPRO Equipment


HYPRO processors are equipped with professional digital radio equipment. It meets the demanding requirements in terms of transmitting/response speed and reliability for radio control of winch for maximum security. It is custom designed with dual-controls, on/off function via sender and a highly impact-resistant case. The radio communication is automatically shut down if inactive for more than five minutes. 3 x AAA-batteries are used for quick and accessible battery change, even in field, when needed.

HYPRO MD430 Measuring Computer – general info

The measuring computer HYPRO MD430 has a LCD-colour display with large white numbers that are easy to read even in bright sunlight and a wide viewing angle. The starting point and zeroing of the measuring are always done automatically via photocells – no need to make a cut to initiate measuring. The computer is mounted in a heavy-duty metal casing and is through its construction possible to tilt to achieve the best and most comfortable viewing angle for the operator. The computer is delivered with two connectors – a 16-pin CPC connector for the processor connection and a USB-A connector with sealing where you can connect the MD430 to a PC and read out log data if any is stored. The computer can also be used together with HYPRO’s CAN-tank sensor for oil level and oil temperature indication as well as a warning message triggered outside of recommended levels.

HYPRO Length Measuring Computer MD430

HYPRO has its own specially designed length measuring equipment produced to uphold the highest standards of reliability and durability in tough working environment. The unit has built-in cable troubleshooting, measuring calibration and machine service interval assist. The computer saves each cut log piece and has an “amount counter” for each tree selection.

This software-version is standard on the HYPRO 300 processor.

HYPRO Measuring Computer MD430-D

HYPRO MD430-D has length and diameter measurement, it saves log data for print out via USB and will suggest length to cut depending on the diameter of the stem and the assortment list that the operator has inserted. The computer program and cabling for connecting the unit and print out log data to a PC are included. Tree type selection is performed if desired with a simple touch of respective button for pine, spruce, hardwood or miscellaneous 1 and 2. The log data is registered automatically at each cut and saved into the measuring list in the computer. The unit has built-in cable troubleshooting, length and diameter measuring calibration and machine service interval assist.

This software-version is standard on the HYPRO 450 processor and on HYPRO 300 when diameter sensor is added.

HYPRO Measuring Computer MD430-DA

HYPRO MD430-DA is our latest and most advanced control software. It has a similar logging software as the MD430-D but it also has automatic functions for processing and logging with smart control via the processor’s assortment list and CAN. The operator can select to process the log manually via joystick movements, via pre-set length selections or via fully automatic mode where the computer selects length to cut solely via the diameter of the stem according to the pre-set assortment list that the operator has inserted.

MD430-DA is a part of HYPRO+1 control system and uses HYPRO Canbus mini-joysticks (EHC) and Danfoss CAN-control boxes. The system has pre-sets for up to three different operators where a lot of different settings can be stored for each operator regarding crane and processor control options. The operator can e.g., change joystick hysteresis curve, ramp time, MIN/MAX speeds and invert direction for all crane functions (if existing) and more.

HYPRO+1 control system can also be added on most trailers with electrified valves for easy control, using the same HYPRO-joysticks for the forwarding trailer as for the HYPRO Processor to avoid double joystick setups in the cabin.

This software-version is standard on all 755/765-models.