HYPRO Equipment


HYPRO processor is equipped with professional digital radio equipment. It meets the demanding requirements in terms of speed and reliability for radio control of winch for maximum security. It is custom designed with dual-controls, emergency stop function and a highly impact-resistant case.

HYPRO Measuring Computer C373

HYPRO has its own specially designed length measuring equipment produced to uphold the highest standards of reliability and durability in tough working environment. The unit has built-in cable troubleshooting and measuring calibration. The measuring computer display has large black numbers that are easy to read even in bright sunlight. The starting point and zeroing of the measuring is done automatically through photocells.

HYPRO Measuring Computer MD320

HYPRO MD320 has length and diameter measurement, it saves log data for printing of measuring list and the ability to manage nine different preset lengths for auto-stop (NOTE! Auto-stop is not standard but is available as an option only for the 755 models and is then controlled through HYPRO MD320). Computer program and cabling for connecting the unit and printing measuring list through PC is included. Tree sort selection is performed if desired with a simple touch of respective button for pine, spruce. hardwood or miscellaneous. The sorting is registered and shown in the measuring list.