HYPRO 450 XL Tractor Processor

HYPRO 450 XL is a versatile, strong, simple and easy-to-manoeuvre tractor processor. It is a highly-valued and popular all-round machine that functions equally impressively for lean final cut as for first thinnings. HYPRO 450 XL has High and Low speed, which enables a very high feed rate, 5m/sec, in high speed mode which provides major benefits when operating in forest with smaller trees. The low speed mode has a feed rate of 3.5 m/sec and a very high starting torque combined with a raw strength for use when operating in forest with larger trees.

The machine has a maximum opening diameter of 45 cm and a total delimbing diameter from 40 cm down to 5 cm, it also has a fully hydraulic and very powerful high-speed cutting capacity that cuts without splitting. The processor is equipped with a separate hydraulic system with its own pump and tank where the pump is connected directly to the tractor’s power take-off or via a power transmission shaft with the pump mounted on the processor’s frame as an alternative design. HYPRO 450 XL has a double articulated joint as standard, which enables the machine’s working position to be moved sideways, with cut timber thus always falling outside the tractor’s wheels. It enables timber to be sorted into different piles as early as the processing stage, and also means that the piles of timber do not have to be moved after processing. This also ensures considerably simpler and more effective timber haulage. The machine’s absolutely superb hydraulic winch is manoeuvred as standard with professional digital radio equipment but can also be manoeuvred via the valve’s hand lever. When the winch command is interrupted, the machine stops without delay, furthermore the winch is always in braked position during winching in and when stopping.

HYPRO 450 XL can be equipped with a feed crane that is available in four alternative six metre lengths. HYPRO feed crane is tailor-made in order to facilitate and streamline the work in the machine’s immediate surroundings. The crane functions independently of the unit’s position and the machine operator is thereby at the control desk when the crane performs its work. Distribution of brushwood in the extraction route is simplified thanks to the crane’s slewing arc of 120° and its long coverage. The crane thus greatly improves the working environment and has an environmentally considerate impact on the everyday work in the forest.

HYPRO 450 XL has a C-373 measuring computer as standard with length measurement, photocells that start and reset the measurement cycle and a separate measuring wheel with a pulse transmitter which sends signals to the measuring computer. Measuring computer MD-320 is available as an optional extra with both length and diameter measurement that also registers processed timber and saves log data after each piece cut. Log data can then be printed out via an ordinary PC.

HYPRO 450 XL is a completely unique all-round machine with a very wide range of applications for both contractors and independent forest owners.

Technical data, HYPRO 450 XL Tractor Processor

Weight incl. hydr. oil:1130 / 1150 kg
Length max:1.9 m
Length min:1.5 m
Width when folded away:1.6 m
Feed rate:>3.5 m/sec / >5 m/sec
Tilt angle:60°
Min. tractor output:65 hp
Min. diameter:5 cm
Max delimbing diameter:40 cm
Max diameter:45 cm
Winch traction force:2 tons
Winch rope length:50 m
Hydraulic system, load-sensing:54 cc
Hydraulic pressure:230 bar
Hydraulic flow, recommended:85–100 l/min
Tank capacity:85 l
PTO speed:400–500 r/min

Crane specification

Lengths:4 m / 6 m
Weights:230 kg / 350 kg
Tractive force:1500 kg
Lifting force at 2 m:1200 kg
Grapple diameter max:45 cm